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Long Live Death

October 29, 2009 Matt Blake 0

Fernando Arrabal is one of those directors that I’ve been aware of for some time without ever actually experiencing first hand.  He’s one of a […]

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DVD Roundup 27/10/09

October 27, 2009 Matt Blake 0

Vincere and Visions released with English options, a new batch from MYA, obscure spaghetti westerns let loose in France and… what the hell is Crazy Blood? All the latest DVD releases of interest!

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R.I.P. Guido Zurli

October 26, 2009 Matt Blake 0

More bad news, director Guido Zurli died a few days ago.  Zurli was one of the more prolific directors of Italian b-movies from the mid […]

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Treasure of the Petrified Forest

October 22, 2009 Matt Blake 0

Having worked his wayward magic with both Roman and Arabian mythology in Vulcan Son of Jupiter, The Seven Tasks of Ali Baba and Sinbad and the Seven Saracens, director Emimmo Salvi obviously felt the need to explore new ground with his next peplum, Treasure of the Petrified Forest. So he turned to the ancient Eddas, the tales of Norse Gods and heroes that had been handed down from Viking times, and had also proved inspiration for both The Lord of the Rings and Wagner’s Ring Cycle.

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La doppia ora

October 20, 2009 Matt Blake 0

Here’s a tasty sounding number that’s just come out in Italy: La doppia ora (aka The Double Hour), directed by Giuseppe Capotondi and starring Ksenia […]

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October 15, 2009 Matt Blake 1

New out in Italy, Barbarossa, a costly epic from Renzo Martinelli, who previously directed controversial films like The Stone Merchant and Vajont.  Martinelli’s an iteresting […]