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Women of Devil’s Island

May 28, 2010 Matt Blake 0

Women of Devil’s Island is a 1962 film written and directed by Domenico Paolella, a former critic who specialized in low-but-not-no budget historical adventures and peplums.

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Fernando Piazza

May 21, 2010 Matt Blake 4

Fernando Piazza was one of the more obscure black actors to ply their trade in Cinecitta in the 60s. His first credited performance, as far as I can make out, was in Domenico Paolella’s entertaining historical adventure The Women of Devil’s Island

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May 14, 2010 Matt Blake 0

Pietro Germi’s 1953 film Gelosia isn’t perhaps one of his best known or even more accomplished works, but it’s still a well constructed and extremely moving production that stands head and tails above much of the Italian cinema being made at the time.

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Italian Horror films of 2008: Part 1

May 11, 2010 Matt Blake 1

Here’s the first part of a quick look back at the Italian horror films of 2008. It’s a pretty motley bunch, to be honest, with none of them gaining anything much in the way of international (or even domestic) distribution. But it does no harm keeping up with what’s going on in the way of contemporary genre cinema in Italy.

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Le Ultime 56 Ore

May 7, 2010 Matt Blake 0

Hey, Claudio Fragasso has a new movie out that’s just hit the cinemas in Italy.  Called Le Ultime 56 Ore, it’s a kind of drama […]