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The Sin

November 26, 2010 Matt Blake 0

The Sin is a peculiar old mess of a movie. Part nunsploitation (although lacking nudity and violence, it still plays up to the idea of the nun as an erotic symbol), part star vehicle for Sophia Loren – who makes for one of the most unlikely nuns imaginable – and part political film…

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John Kitzmiller

November 25, 2010 Matt Blake 7

John Kitzmiller was one of the most prominent Afro-American actors to work in Italy during the post war period.  Born in Michigan in 1913, he […]

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Noi credevamo

November 16, 2010 Matt Blake 1

Just out in Italy, Mario Martone’s Noi credevamo, a historical epic set during the time of Italian unification which was hotly tipped at the Venice […]

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Marc Hannibal

November 15, 2010 Matt Blake 3

Marc Hannibal was an American actor and singer who appeared in a single Italian film, Alfonso Brescia’s extremely silly Superuomini, superdonne, superbotte (75).