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Who was… Frank Colson

April 20, 2012 Matt Blake 3

Here’s another in our list of American actors who ended up making films in Italy. Now, I’m guessing you’ve never heard of Frank Colson?

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Killer Crocodile 2

April 16, 2012 Matt Blake 0

Coming some fourteen years after Jaws and just as the trend for Italian horror films was coming to a ignominious end, Killer Crocodile 2 is really a paltry cinematic offering.

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Who was… Roland Carey

April 13, 2012 Matt Blake 11

I’ve seen a couple of films recently featuring actor Roland Carey, a curious figure who was active in the Italian film industry for over twenty years, and though it was about time to do a little extended research into him.

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Week long offer for US readers

April 4, 2012 Matt Blake 0

In ‘celebration’ of Easter (and the Royal Mail putting up postage costs), here’s a special offer for anyone from the US who wants to buy a copy of Fantastikal Diabolikal Supermen