An artificially aged Janine Hendy in Hercules Against the Moon Men

Janine Hendy

September 15, 2014 Matt Blake 3

Janine Hendy was one of the more prominent black actresses to work in Italian cinema during the early 1960s. Perhaps her best known roles were in the two Taur films directed by Antonio Leonviola in 1963, Taur, il re della forza bruta and more particularly Thor and the Amazon Women, in which she played the antagonist to the titular hero Joe Robinson.

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I ragazzi della Roma violenta

September 8, 2014 Matt Blake 0

I ragazzi della Roma violenta is about 85 minutes of unhesitatingly sordid events running into one another, none of which have any consequence, repercussions or prelude.

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Between God, the Devil and a Winchester

September 1, 2014 Matt Blake 0

Between God, the Devil and a Winchester not only has a fantastic title, but is also a pretty solid film. It does borrow heavily from it’s peers, admittedly, but is assembled in a capable and functional fashion