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Meet the… segretaria di edizione

September 20, 2011 Matt Blake 1

If, like me, you’re one of those people who has to watch until the very final moments of an Italian film you’ll be very familiar with a number of exotic sounding job titles

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Ghosts of Rome

September 9, 2011 Matt Blake 2

Ghosts of Rome is another excellent comedy from Antonio Pietrangeli, the well respected – but rather forgotten – director of classics such as Adua e le compagne and Io la conoscevo bene.

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Piero Livi

September 8, 2011 Matt Blake 0

Just watched a curious Sardinian crime film, Pelle di bandito, and decided to do a little bit of research into its director, Piero Livi.

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John Benedy, aka Gianni De Benedettis

September 1, 2011 Matt Blake 4

Just watched a curious little poliziesco from 1968 called Un corpo caldo per l’inferno. It’s not great, but not bad, and has an interesting cast, including a distinctive looking chap who I’ve seen in numerous films over the years, John Benedy