An artificially aged Janine Hendy in Hercules Against the Moon Men

Janine Hendy

September 15, 2014 Matt Blake 3

Janine Hendy was one of the more prominent black actresses to work in Italian cinema during the early 1960s. Perhaps her best known roles were in the two Taur films directed by Antonio Leonviola in 1963, Taur, il re della forza bruta and more particularly Thor and the Amazon Women, in which she played the antagonist to the titular hero Joe Robinson.

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Jean Pierre Faye

October 28, 2013 Matt Blake 0

It’s been a while, but continuing our on / off look at the history and career of black actors in Italy (and occasionally veering wider […]

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Lei Ilima

October 28, 2013 Matt Blake 0

As a postscript to my look at the career of Jean Pierre Faye, here’s a brief mention of Lei Ilima.  Ms Ilima appeared in just two films. […]

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Daniel Jones

May 26, 2011 Matt Blake 0

Another in our on off guide to black actors in Italian cinema, this time it’s the turn of: Daniel Jones.

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John Kitzmiller

November 25, 2010 Matt Blake 9

John Kitzmiller was one of the most prominent Afro-American actors to work in Italy during the post war period.  Born in Michigan in 1913, he […]

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Marc Hannibal

November 15, 2010 Matt Blake 3

Marc Hannibal was an American actor and singer who appeared in a single Italian film, Alfonso Brescia’s extremely silly Superuomini, superdonne, superbotte (75).

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Edith Peters

July 12, 2010 Matt Blake 2

Edith Peters was one of the many black performers who complemented their careers in the popular nightclubs and revues of the time with the occassional bit part roles on screen.