Le Ultime 56 Ore

Hey, Claudio Fragasso has a new movie out that’s just hit the cinemas in Italy.  Called Le Ultime 56 Ore, it’s a kind of drama / crime / thriller type thing, and it’s showing on 189 screens; a decent amount for an Italian production (and especially an Italian production that’s not a comedy).  It just goes to show, I guess, quite how far Fragasso has come since the days he was directing trash like Zombie 4 and Troll 2.  The cast is headed up by Gianmarco Tognazzi (who was in Romanzo criminale) and the plot goes something like this:

Colonel Moresco is in command of a group of Italian soldiers who have fought in many countries to try to establish freedom and democracy. Some of his men seem to have contracted a mysterious illness in Bosnia, but the authorities don?t want to know. To attract their attention, Moresco attempts to take over a hospital where the daughter of the negotiator sent to make them lay down their weapons is to have an operation.

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