A gift from the lady upstairs, Last House on Cemetery Lane

The Last House on Cemetery Lane

April 10, 2019 Matt Blake 0

Although it’s not exactly a good film, The Last House on Cemetery Lane is a surprisingly likable affair. The plot is old hat and the script littered with insane dialogue, while nothing much actually happens for large stretches of the running time

Is it a bird, a plane, a... tank? Soldiers of the Damned

Soldiers of the Damned

April 5, 2019 Matt Blake 0

Despite the fact that this is a rather flat looking production – given the locations and the plot the lack of visual style is a real missed opportunity – Soldiers of the Damned is a surprisingly effective little film, one of those productions that has the ability to lodge in the mind after its conclusion.

Enjoy your stay in... Eden Lodge

Eden Lodge

May 26, 2018 Matt Blake 0

First things first: this is not, repeat not, Eden Lake (whatever the packaging may very deliberately imply). That was a clever film that punched well above its weight and stands up as a classic of modern British horror.

Happy families in Estranged


May 10, 2018 Matt Blake 0

Director: Adam Levins Writers: Simon Fantauzzo, William Borthwick Stars: Amy Manson, Craig Conway, James Cosmo There’s something of a history of British films about aristocratic […]

A bit of a puzzler: Cryptic, starring Ed Stoppard (centre) and Vas Blackwood (right)


December 28, 2017 Matt Blake 0

Taking two prominent strands of low budget British cinema – gangsters and vampires – and combining them seems like a logical enough step. After all, many would argue that crime is a kind of vampirism, that criminals and vampires share an innately parasitic nature…

Fascinating stuff in Silverhide


October 5, 2017 Matt Blake 0

There’s been a bit of a resurgence in British werewolf movies recently. Over the past year or two we’ve had the likes of Howl and Blood Moon, both of which were reasonably effective, and Silverhide, which quite frankly is not.

Boring boring, boring... The Cutting Room

The Cutting Room

September 8, 2017 Matt Blake 0

OK boys and girls, time for another found footage horror movie. Hey ho, whoop di do and hip hip hoo-sodding-ray, just what the world needs, another found footage horror movie.