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10 Best Italian crime films, 1945 – 1969

October 15, 2017 Matt Blake 0

It’s been a couple of years now since I published In the Name of the Law, my book about Italian crime films prior to the poliziotteschi trend, but here’s a little bit of content I wrote for it which never made it into the final cut… my top ten Italian crime films made between 1945 and 1969.

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Il rossetto, by Damiano Damiani

May 6, 2011 Matt Blake 0

Il rossetto, directed by Damiana Damiani, with Pierre Brice, Laura Vivaldi, Bella Darvi, Giorgia Moli, Pietro Germi. Italian, drammatico. (Cinema: Doria). Review from La Stampa

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Un uomo in ginocchio

August 6, 2009 Matt Blake 0

Damiano Damiani’s Un uomo in ginocchio has just come out in Italy.  Italian language, unfortunately, but it comes with an interview with the late Tano […]

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Blood Feud

September 11, 2008 Matt Blake 1

A man hired to commit murder finds himself unable to do the deed in this early crime drama directed by Damiano Damiani