Gian Maria Volontè is suitably low key in Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion

Elio Petri: Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion

May 20, 2016 Matt Blake 0

For 1969’s Investigation of a Citizen above Suspicion, Elio Petri turned his eye to the then nascent urban crime thriller, a genre that reflected – and some would say preyed upon – the political and economic uncertainties rife in Metropolitan Italy at the time.

Passions rise in We Still Kill the Old Way

Elio Petri: We Still Kill the Old Way

March 13, 2016 Matt Blake 0

After all the high-concept exuberance of The Tenth Victim, We Still Kill the Old Way saw Petri move from sci-fi to the crime genre and, stylistically, marked a return to a more subtle, low-key approach.

Satire... or premonition? Ursula Andress in The Tenth Victim

Elio Petri: The Tenth Victim

November 28, 2015 Matt Blake 1

Based on a novel by Robert Sheckley, The Tenth Victim represented a marked sea change in Elio Petri’s oeuvre. Gone was the low key, wry approach of his former films: this is a brash, colorful production that exudes extravagance from it’s every pore.

Things are getting odd... in Elio Petri's I maestro di Vigevano

Elio Petri: The Teacher of Vigevano

August 20, 2015 Matt Blake 0

Petri’s next film was The Teacher of Vigevano (Il maestro di Vigevano,63), another intimate, black and white chamber-piece, which plays rather like a retread – albeit an even more pessimistic retread – of I giorni contato.

Salvo Randone in I giorni contati

Elio Petri: I giorni contati

July 16, 2015 Matt Blake 1

Petri’s second film was I giorni contati (62), which again featured Salvo Randone. This time he plays Cesare, a plumber and widower who is riding home from work on the bus when it’s discovered that one of the passengers has died.

Marcello Mastroianni in The Assassin

Elio Petri: The Assassin

May 25, 2015 Matt Blake 1

After making two shorts, Nasce un campione (54) and I sette contadini (59), Petri made his full debut with The Assassin (L’assassino, 61), based on a script co-written with Tonino Guerra (with whom he would later collaborate on several films).

No Picture

Franco Nero interview

August 19, 2011 Matt Blake 0

Just noticed that there’s an interview with Franco Nero on Box Office Magazine. Loads of stuff about Cars 2, but also some more interesting questions as well, which I’ve included below