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Chiamate 22-22 tenente Sheridan

April 9, 2010 Matt Blake 0

Chiamate 22-22 tenente Sheridan is an obscure 1960 giallo directed by comedy specialist Giorgio Bianchi. A spin off from a popular television series of the time, Tenente Sheridan, which also starred Ubaldo Lay, it’s of some historical interest for being one of the earliest Italian feature films to have been spawned from the then-novel TV medium.

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Stateline Motel

November 17, 2008 Matt Blake 1

Fresh out of jail for car theft, American lowlife Floyd (Fabio Testi) is given 48 hours to get out of Canada, which gives him just enough time to hook up with his old cellmate, Joe (Eli Wallach), and rob a jewelry store.

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Wild Westerns, part 4

September 30, 2008 Matt Blake 0

The porch scene ended and the group scattered. It was lunch-and-siesta time. The extras, stunt men, grips and workers had pasta, red wine and cheese…

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Wild Westerns, part 3

September 23, 2008 Matt Blake 0

… not too many years ago dubbing looked like the talking animation in Porky Pig cartoons; no one even tried to match the lips to the language.