Perennial bad guy Dan Van Husen in Reich of the Dead

Reich of the Dead

December 20, 2016 Matt Blake 0

Reich of the Dead is an Italian take on the nazi zombie format directed by genre specialists Luca Boni & Marco Ristori (their previous credits include Eaters and Zombie Massacre, to which this is sometimes marketed as a sequel despite having nothing to do with it at all).

Across the River

Across the River

December 14, 2016 Matt Blake 0

Across the River is very much a rural horror film, and it also happens to be one of the very best Italian genre releases for many a year (not, in all honesty, that there’s much competition).

Given the complete lack of any images of this film, here's a picture of dapper George Hilton in more recent years

The Black Pirate

December 9, 2016 Matt Blake 0

Aka Il corsaro nero nell’isola del tesoro 1965 Seven Film, S.P.A Director: Dean Vert [Vertunnio De Angelis] Story: Dino Sant’Ambrogio Screenplay: Aldo Barni [Aldo Barui] Cinematography: […]

Julian Glover almost makes watching Nazi Vengeance worthwhile

Nazi Vengeance

December 5, 2016 Matt Blake 0

I would really like to give a positive review of Nazi Vengeance, after all it (a) doesn’t despite the title, feature yet more zombie nazies (zombezies), which is a good start and (b) it was filmed almost dead on my doorstep.