Spanish Cult Cinema, Volume 1, 1960-1964

Out now – Spanish Cult Cinema, volume 1, 1960-1964

June 8, 2021 Matt Blake 1

I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with baited breath… yes, there’s a new WildEye release! This is one I’ve been working on for some time now, intended as the first in a sequence of books looking at cult and genre films made in Spain (a film industry unfairly neglected to date).

Ernest Borgnine in A Bullet for Sandoval

Bullet for Sandoval, A

May 4, 2018 Matt Blake 2

A truly memorable Spaghetti Western, A Bullet for Sandoval is unquestionably one of the top ten examples of its type. It exhibits a singularly mean spirited atmosphere as well as an unusual plot that incorporates the ‘revenge for a slaughtered family’ theme in an engrossing and unusual way.

Paolo Gozlino lets his gun talk in Siete minutos para morire

Siete minutos para morir

March 7, 2017 Matt Blake 0

Secret Agent Ray Monks is murdered whist recovering some top-secret documents from a shadowy individual in the backstreets of Hong Kong. Bill Howard (Paolo Gozlino) is ordered to find out who is responsible, and to make sure the documents are returned to the American authorities.