Meet the neighbors... in Judy


March 25, 2018 Matt Blake 0

Although it’s not of the same level of the jump that, say, Johannes Roberts made between Forest of the Damned (2005) and F (2010), Judy (2014) still marks a considerable improvement over both Emanuele De Santi’s previous film Adam Chaplin (2011) and the other productions previously put together by the Necrostorm production company

George Hilton in War Fever, aka Salt in the Wound

War Fever

March 20, 2018 Matt Blake 0

Two murderers are court-martialed and sentenced to die in front of the firing squad. One (Klaus Kinski) is a looter who had shot a protesting shopkeeper, the other (Rai Saunders) a coloured private who angrily killed a racist colleague.

Camera filter frenzy... The Strange Color of Your Bodies Tears

The Strange Color of Your Bodies Tears

March 15, 2018 Matt Blake 0

The Strange Color of Your Bodies Tears is Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani’s 2013 follow up to the critically acclaimed Amer, their visually sumptuous 2009 love-letter to the giallo genre.