Articles by Matt Blake

Boys with toys in The Devil's Playground

The Devil’s Playground

Craig Fairbrass plays a security consultant in the pay of one of those super-slick pharma companies who you just know are accidentally going to bring about the apocalypse, and so it proves

Anna Walton in Soulmate


Although Neil Marshall has taken a step back from directing films in recent years – a great shame, as he is amongst our most talented filmmakers – he does occasionally dip his toe back into the industry, for instance by producing his wife Axelle Carolyn’s debut release Soulmate in 2013

Let's get ready to rumble... it's Day of the Siege

Day of the Siege

I’m all for any attempt to revive that venerable cinematic form that is the Italian peplum, but by any stretch of the imagination Day of the Siege ain’t the film that’s going to do it.

Mark Strong and Taissa Farmiga in Mindscape


A lot of people reviewing Mindscape have mentioned the similarities to Christopher Nolan’s Inception. For those with memories that span further back than five years ago, though, the production to which it is perhaps most indebted is – as is indicated by the title – the 1984 film Dreamscape