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The WildEye is a blog dedicated to the wild world of Italian cinema (and, ok, sometimes I digress into discussing films from other countries as well). Peplums, comedies, dramas, spaghetti westerns... they're all covered here.

Elio Petri: The Assassin

After making two shorts, Nasce un campione (54) and I sette contadini (59), Petri made his full debut with The Assassin (L’assassino, 61), based on a script co-written with Tonino Guerra (with whom he would later collaborate on several films). Continue reading

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Elio Petri: Investigation of a Filmmaker Above Suspicion

For some reason, Elio Petri is a filmmaker who seems to have slipped off the cultural (and counter-cultural) radar. To the art-house crowd, Italian cinema is composed of the giants – Rossellini, Visconti, Bertolucci, Pasolini – with very little else getting a worthwhile look in. Continue reading

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Christopher Roth

Christopher Roth was the second film directed by Belgian film-maker Maxime Alexandre, who’s better known as a cinematographer on the likes of The Crazies and The Hills Have Eyes Continue reading

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Easy Money

There have been some authentically good Scandinavian crime films in recent years, and Daniel Espinosa’s Easy Money (based on the novel by Jens Lapidus) is one of them. Continue reading

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Solitude of Prime Numbers, The

Here’s an instructive film. Saverio Costanzo’s The Solitude of Prime Numbers is based on the hugely popular novel of the same name by physicist and writer Paolo Giordano. Continue reading

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Simon Killer

Coming from the same production ‘collective’ as the surprise hit Martha Marcy May Marlene, Simon Killer has many of the same themes – sociopathic men, vulnerable women, the small steps that lead towards darkness – and a similar, sinister atmosphere … Continue reading

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A.D. Project

I always wondered what had happened to Eros Puglielli, the director of the revivalist giallo Eyes of Crystal in 2004. Well, he also made AD Project, a micro-budgeted 2006 production which was released straight to DVD Continue reading

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