Articles by Matt Blake

Emily Plumtree in Hollow


Trees. They don’t have a auspicious role in the history of horror do they. Sinister and creepy as they might be, on the big screen they don’t really seem, well, all that frightening.

Ivana Miño in Night of the Sinner

Night of the Sinner

Back in the early 1970s, Alessando Perrella was one of those actors who popped up in just about every other cheapjack spaghetti western that was made

A victim of Byleth


A chubby bird and a moustachioed bloke have a quick shag (and wasn’t it ever thus in the world of Italian sex scenes). After he dresses and leaves her, she is attacked and killed by an unseen assailant.

Olivia Cooke in The Quiet Ones

The Quiet Ones

The Quiet Ones, Hammer’s follow up to the phenomenally successful The Woman in Black, is a similar but distinct affair.

Dougray Scott in The Last Passenger

The Last Passenger

You’ve got to admire the chutzpah of attempting to remake Speed on a British Rail commuter train to Tunbridge Wells and in many ways The Last Passenger does it rather well.

Teresa Gimpera as the atypically blonde vampiress in Crypt of the Living Dead

Crypt of the Living Dead

Crypt of the Living Dead is, like Return of the Evil Dead, another dose of Hispanic phantasmagoria. Unlike that film, however, I found it much more enjoyable upon second viewing.