Kalahari calamari in Monsters: Dark Continent

Monsters: Dark Continent

March 3, 2017 Matt Blake 0

Monsters: Dark Continent got a bit of a pasting when it was released; inevitable, really, considering that it was a sequel to a film which both critics and audiences had taken an unexpected shine to.

Napoleonic zombies in Fallen Soldiers

Fallen Soldiers

February 21, 2017 Matt Blake 0

Considering that the world and it’s dog (and even the dogs favorite stick) are bored to tears with Nazi zombie films, Fallen Soldiers does a neat trick by giving us, well… Napoleonic zombies

A quieter than usual day on Brighton beach then... Darkest Day

Darkest Day

January 25, 2017 Matt Blake 0

Darkest Day answers one of those burning questions that’s at the heart of so many horror films today: what could possibly be worse than a global apocalypse?

A little homage to Dario Argento's Creepers in The Duke of Burgundy

The Duke of Burgundy

January 14, 2017 Matt Blake 0

At some point in the mid 1970s, narrative became king in cinema. The lyrical, semi-improvised and let’s be quite honest self-indulgent European art cinema made way for more muscular, focused productions from the likes of Scorsese and Coppola.

Julian Glover almost makes watching Nazi Vengeance worthwhile

Nazi Vengeance

December 5, 2016 Matt Blake 0

I would really like to give a positive review of Nazi Vengeance, after all it (a) doesn’t despite the title, feature yet more zombie nazies (zombezies), which is a good start and (b) it was filmed almost dead on my doorstep.

Amy Comber in Low


November 14, 2016 Matt Blake 0

Low is a fairly good example of the recent micro-budgeted horror films which have recently been springing up in the UK. Good in that it exemplifies many of their strengths and failures, and good in that it’s one of the more interesting and better made of its type.

The Drummond Will

Drummond Will, The

November 3, 2016 Matt Blake 0

The Drummond Will is a comedy thriller that taps into the ambiguous relationship that we have with the countryside in Britain, throwing in a little bit of the Coen Brothers and a large dash of Withnail and I for good measure.