The Owl Man in Lord of Tears

Lord of Tears

January 23, 2015 Matt Blake 0

Lord of Tears is a lot more like those old MR James adaptations that used to be on TV in the seventies, with a touch of Kill List and The Wicker Man thrown in for good luck

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January 18, 2015 Matt Blake 0

What if the apocalypse came and, well, you were stuck in the lav? That’s the silly, amusing premise of Stalled, the 2013 follow-up to the cult comedy horror Freak Out

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Sawney – Flesh of Man

January 13, 2015 Matt Blake 0

There’s undoubtedly a good film to be made out of the legend of the Sawney Bean, unfortunately, Sawney, Flesh of Man isn’t it.

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December 10, 2014 Matt Blake 0

Another in the ‘tower block terror’ sub-strand of films which has bloomed over the last few years (see also Tower Block, The Raid, Attack on the Block)

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December 5, 2014 Matt Blake 0

Following Citadel, here’s some more hoodie-horror with Community, which manages the not inconsiderable task of being set in quite possibly the most run down, scuzziest and essentially unpleasant looking estate in England

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Far North

November 30, 2014 Matt Blake 0

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for snowbound films. Anything from Fargo to The Thing, heck, even Snowbeast

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The Purge

November 24, 2014 Matt Blake 0

The Purge has a neat idea and it’s not badly executed. Kind of a cross between Straw Dogs, Assault on Precinct 13 and The Tenth Victim