Martina García in The Hidden Face

The Hidden Face

The Hidden Face is another great Spanish (or Spanish / Columbian, to be exact) film. As with Sleep Tight and The Body, to name but two other examples, it has at its heart a twisted, intriguing idea which is expanded into an engrossing script

Reg Park and Elio Jotta in Maciste in King Solomon's Mines

Maciste in King Solomon’s Mines

This is a rather cheap (and rather late) entry into the Maciste cycle of films which was directed by prolific scriptwriter Piero Regnoli and it can’t really be described as an entirely distinguished piece of cinema.

Daniel Brühl as the ambiguous protagonist in Cargo


Peter Mullen is, without a smidgen of doubt, one of the best actors working in Britain at the moment. You might not know then name, but you know who he is: think scary, think Scottish, think Mullan.

Dario Argento style image from Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show

Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show

Another in the line of generally disappointing recent Italian horror films, Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show does at least have some lineage behind it, featuring special effects by Sergio Stivaletti.

Quim Gutiérrez in The Last Days

The Last Days

Alex and David Pastor’s The Last Days (2013) is a pretty nifty Spanish film which picked up lots of domestic awards and – as is the way with Spanish films at the moment – was then promptly ignored everywhere else

Jesse Eisenberg and, err, Jesse Eisenberg in The Double

The Double

There’s a thin line between the quirky and the deeply irritating. The Grand Budapest Hotel is quirky and it’s a very good film. And Richard Ayoade’s 2013 film The Double works too.

You never know what you'll find in the greenhouse...

Testimone oculare

Testimone oculare is one of the more obscure TV movies made by Lamberto Bava after the Italian film industry had gone into meltdown in the late 1980s. Despite the TV background, it has some cinematic credentials

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