Alberto Sordi

Things are getting odd... in Elio Petri's I maestro di Vigevano

Elio Petri: The Teacher of Vigevano

Petri’s next film was The Teacher of Vigevano (Il maestro di Vigevano,63), another intimate, black and white chamber-piece, which plays rather like a retread – albeit an even more pessimistic retread – of I giorni contato.

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Moralista, Il

Although he was already a top-drawer star at the time, Alberto Sordi’s career really went into overdrive in 1959.  He appeared in 10 different films that year, and although some of his parts were really…

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Italian leading men

Gina Lollobrigida, Sophia Loren, Anna Magnani… there are plenty of Italian actresses who made it big on an international stage, and if you extend it out to include people from outside Europe who were closely…