Rampant thuggery in Kidnapped to Mystery Island

Kidnapped to Mystery Island

April 8, 2017 Matt Blake 0

This was the third Emilio Salgari adaptation to be filmed by Luigi Capuano and produced by Ottavio Poggi for Liber Film and Eichberg in the mid sixties. This time, there was no Sandokan, with two subsidiary characters from the previous films – Yanez’s henchmen Tremel Naik and Kammamuri – elevated to the heroic roles.

A victim of Byleth


October 25, 2015 Matt Blake 0

A chubby bird and a moustachioed bloke have a quick shag (and wasn’t it ever thus in the world of Italian sex scenes). After he dresses and leaves her, she is attacked and killed by an unseen assailant.