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Durango is Coming, Pay or Die

August 27, 2010 Matt Blake 0

Durango is Coming, Pay or Die is an obscure Italian western from the early seventies, directed by the veteran filmmaker Roberto Bianchi Montero. Montero was a solid craftsman who made competent if unspectacular films in just about every popular genre going, and this is no different: the low budget is painfully evident at times and the plot is rubbish, but it’s reasonably enjoyable and better made than many of its ilk.

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Kommissar X reunion

October 6, 2009 Matt Blake 0

Apparently there was a very succesful ‘Kommissar X’ festival in Germany at the end of September, hosted by the chaps at Buio Omega.  Tony Kendall, […]

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The Old Testament

August 8, 2008 Matt Blake 0

The Old Testament was the final of the three peplums made by Gianfranco Parolini in Yugoslavia for Cinematografica Associati and the French company Comptoir Français du Film Production.

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Gianfranco Parolini

March 10, 2008 Matt Blake 0

An interesting interview with Gianfranco Parolini has been posted up on the European Film Review forum… Gianfranco Parolini interview