Franco Franchi

George Hilton looking swanky in Due mafiosi contro Goldginger

Due mafiosi contro Goldginger

Aka Operacion Relampago (Es), Zwei Trottel gegen Goldfinger (WG), Amazing Doctor G, The (US unconfirmed), Two Mafiosi Against Goldfinger (US unconfirmed) 1965 Italy/Spain Edmondo Amati production for Fida (Rome) & Epoca Film (Madrid) Director:…

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002 operazione Luna

Following an unexplained loss of contact with a space mission to the moon, Soviet authorities decide to avert news of the possible disaster by quickly sending off another mission

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002 agenti segretissimi

Franco & Ciccio are mistaken for KGB Agents, Franco has a top secret formula that everyone wants implanted in his tooth…

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Primitive Love

Primitive Love is a bizarre combination of slapstick comedy and mondo movie, made in 1964 by the late Luigi Scattini and starring Jayne Mansfield