George Hilton looking swanky in Due mafiosi contro Goldginger

Due mafiosi contro Goldginger

August 18, 2016 Matt Blake 0

Aka Operacion Relampago (Es), Zwei Trottel gegen Goldfinger (WG), Amazing Doctor G, The (US unconfirmed), Two Mafiosi Against Goldfinger (US unconfirmed) 1965 Italy/Spain Edmondo Amati […]

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002 operazione Luna

June 24, 2011 Matt Blake 0

Following an unexplained loss of contact with a space mission to the moon, Soviet authorities decide to avert news of the possible disaster by quickly sending off another mission

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Primitive Love

July 16, 2010 Matt Blake 1

Primitive Love is a bizarre combination of slapstick comedy and mondo movie, made in 1964 by the late Luigi Scattini and starring Jayne Mansfield