Franco Ressel

Marcello Mastroianni in The Assassin

Elio Petri: The Assassin

After making two shorts, Nasce un campione (54) and I sette contadini (59), Petri made his full debut with The Assassin (L’assassino, 61), based on a script co-written with Tonino Guerra (with whom he would later collaborate on several films).

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Last Chance, The (aka Scacco internazionale)

Ostensibly a spy film, The Last Chance in fact bears more of a resemblance to the brace of late-sixties crime films (The Insatiables, The Falling Man, Date for a Murder etc.) that were being produced at the time.

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When a gang of bandits steal the safe from the bank in Daugherty City, it leaves all the townsfolk penniless and understandably angry. So they’re rather appreciative when it’s brought back by the mysterious Sabata (Lee Van Cleef), an inscrutable pistolero with dubious motivations.