Frank Brana

Teresa Gimpera as the atypically blonde vampiress in Crypt of the Living Dead

Crypt of the Living Dead

Crypt of the Living Dead is, like Return of the Evil Dead, another dose of Hispanic phantasmagoria. Unlike that film, however, I found it much more enjoyable upon second viewing.

Sod the zombies, it's the fashions that are scary in Return of the Evil Dead

Return of the Evil Dead

Over the years, Armando De Ossorio’s ‘Blind Dead’ series, of which this was the second entry (following Tombs of the Blind Dead and preceding Night of the Seagulls and The Ghost Galleon) has developed a sizeable cult following.

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Surprise Attack

Suprise Attack is unusual in that it is a film set during the Spanish Civil War, a period which – despite it’s obvious melodramatic potential – has never really been examined in any depth in the cinema.

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Frank Braña interview

For anyone who understands Spanish, here’s an interview with Frank Braña from thew 2011 Ameria Western Film Festival.

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Frank Brana interview (in English)

Thanks to Nzoog for supplying a translation of the Spanish interview with Frank Brana that appeared on over at the EFR forum… Frank Braña An international star who lives in Madrid He holds the…

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Frank Brana interview

Cool! A Frank Brana interview. It’s in Spanish, of course, but still. Here’s a translated taster: It is possible to make westerns today? Certainly yes. Spain is known around the world because of Almeria and…