Gianfranco Parolini

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Kommissar X reunion

Apparently there was a very succesful ‘Kommissar X’ festival in Germany at the end of September, hosted by the chaps at Buio Omega.  Tony Kendall, Brad Harris and Gianfranco Parolini were all there, and in…

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We Are No Angels

We Are No Angels continues in much the same vein as Gainfranco Parolini’s previous film, This Time I’ll Make You Rich, which also featured an odd couple of protagonists caught up in a slapstick adventure.

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When a gang of bandits steal the safe from the bank in Daugherty City, it leaves all the townsfolk penniless and understandably angry. So they’re rather appreciative when it’s brought back by the mysterious Sabata (Lee Van Cleef), an inscrutable pistolero with dubious motivations.

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Johnny West

After dabbling with the spy film in Cave of Diamonds, Gianfranco Parolini turned to another genre that was just coming into vogue, the spaghetti western. Although undoubtedly a flawed film, Johnny West does hint at the much better westerns that he’d go on to make.

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The Old Testament

The Old Testament was the final of the three peplums made by Gianfranco Parolini in Yugoslavia for Cinematografica Associati and the French company Comptoir Français du Film Production.

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This Time I’ll Make You Rich

Hey, here’s some great behind the scenes footage from the shooting of This Time I’ll Make You Rich; you can see Gianfranco Parolini shooting it, Brad Harris doing some stuntwork and Karin Schubert in a…

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