Giovanna Mezzogiorno

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A.D. Project

I always wondered what had happened to Eros Puglielli, the director of the revivalist giallo Eyes of Crystal in 2004. Well, he also made AD Project, a micro-budgeted 2006 production which was released straight to DVD

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Night Bus

Aka Notturno bus 2007 Original running length: 104 mins Italy / Poland Based on the novel by Giampiero Rigosi (ed. Einaudi Stile Libero) Produced by Sandro Silvestri and Mauro Vespini for Emme, RAI cinema, ASP,…

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Sono viva (I Am Alive)

Here’s an interesting sounding new Italian film.  It’s had a somewhat limited release, showing on just 8 screens, and the takings have been rather low so far, but the plot sounds intriguing and the word…