Gloria Paul in The Two Sons of Ringo

The Two Sons of Ringo

May 5, 2017 Matt Blake 1

I due figli di Ringo finds popular Italian comedy due Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia in a very silly parody of For a Few Dollars More, complete with all the expected slapstick routines, humorous misadventures and excessive face pulling

George Hilton looking swanky in Due mafiosi contro Goldginger

Due mafiosi contro Goldginger

August 18, 2016 Matt Blake 0

Aka Operacion Relampago (Es), Zwei Trottel gegen Goldfinger (WG), Amazing Doctor G, The (US unconfirmed), Two Mafiosi Against Goldfinger (US unconfirmed) 1965 Italy/Spain Edmondo Amati […]

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Gloria Paul interview

June 3, 2010 Matt Blake 11

Someone who has always intrigued me is Gloria Paul, an English actress who ended up acting in films in Italy during the 60s. I associate her primarily with comedies and spy films, a glamorous, exotic lady who wouldn’t fit in so well with the more grimy productions made during the 70s.

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Le sette vipere

May 7, 2010 Matt Blake 1

Le sette vipere, aka Le sette vipere: Il marito latino, is an obscure Italian film from 1964 which should be of interest to European cult cinema aficionados thanks to the people involved if nothing else. As well as being directed by Renato Polselli, who garnered something of a following with his sexy horror films, it was written and stars Vincenzo Cascino, a shadowy figure who made two of the weirdest eurospy movies going, Sette donne d’oro contro due 07 (66) and Le sette cinesi d’oro (67).