León Klimovsky

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Rattler Kid

The resolutely mediocre film Rattler Kid wasn’t quite as bad as I expected, seeing that it’s another effort from the unceasingly tedious Leon Klimovsky.

Vampire's Night Orgy

Vampire’s Night Orgy – Review

Vampire’s Night Orgy is one of those films that starts – like The Island of Death and A Candle for the Devil – with a busload of strangers arriving in the depths of the countryside.

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Los amantes del desierto

Here’s a film with a complicated pedigree. Credited to five different directors (Fernando Cerchio, Gianni Vernuccio, Goffredo Alessandrini, León Klimovsky, Ricardo Muñoz Suay) and no less than seven different writers, it was actually filmed a good two years before its eventual release in 1958.