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A Policewoman in New York

July 30, 2010 Matt Blake 0

Another in the series of Italian films released by the apparently barmy MYA label – quite who do they think their market is for this stuff! – A Policewoman in New York is a 1981 sex comedy starring Euro-exploitation favourite Edwige Fenech.

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Giovani mariti

April 1, 2010 Matt Blake 0

Released in March 1958, Giovani Mariti was an early work from director Mauro Bolognini that continued much along the same lines as his earlier production Gli innamorati (55), a light drama about the lives and loves of several young adults in Rome. This is a more serious film, though, with a distinctly melancholic air and a skeptical view of the status quo, which sees the characters gradual progression into adulthood as a not entirely positive thing.