Nothing like a bit of melon in the morning, One More in Hell

One More in Hell

October 24, 2017 Matt Blake 1

“I could kill to get me a pretty woman, but not for money…”, a line which could well have been an epitaph for George Hilton, who displays his trademark easygoing charm in this likable oater with a technical crew that reads like a ‘Best Of’ compilation.

Fernando Sancho and Espperanza Roy in X312 Flight to Hell

X312 Flight to Hell – Review

May 9, 2012 Matt Blake 0

A kind of unofficial partner piece to The Devil Came from Akasava, X312 Flight to Hell was one of a quartet of films made by Jesus Franco for the German producer Artur Brauner’s CCC Film

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Four Ways Out

November 9, 2011 Matt Blake 0

Here’s an archive review of Pietro Germi’s early crime film Four Ways Out (La citta si difende) from The Times in 1951.

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Women of Devil’s Island

May 28, 2010 Matt Blake 0

Women of Devil’s Island is a 1962 film written and directed by Domenico Paolella, a former critic who specialized in low-but-not-no budget historical adventures and peplums.