Piero Regnoli

Reg Park and Elio Jotta in Maciste in King Solomon's Mines

Maciste in King Solomon’s Mines

This is a rather cheap (and rather late) entry into the Maciste cycle of films which was directed by prolific scriptwriter Piero Regnoli and it can’t really be described as an entirely distinguished piece of cinema.

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I’ll See You In Hell

Here’s an early film from prolific scriptwriter Piero Regnoli. It’s a bit of a mish-mash, including elements of melodrama, crime film, giallo and even ghost story

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I”ll See You In Hell

aka Ti aspetterò all”inferno Director: Piero Regnoli Italian release date: 29/10/1960 Original running time: 91 mins Italy Verdestella Film Story: Based on the novel by Piero Regnoli Screenplay: Piero Regnoli, Dario Ferra, Arpad De Riso…