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The Thieves, aka I ladri

The Thieves is a 1959 vehicle for the hugely popular Italian comic Totò, which plays on the tenets of the American gangster genre in a very Italianesque fashion.

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Totò Tarzan

1951 Aka Tototarzan Original running time: 85 mins Italy A C.D.I. production Distributed by C.D.I. Director: Mario Mattoli Story: Vittorio Metz Screenplay: Vittorio Metz, Marcello Marchesi, Age, Furio Scarpelli Cinematography: Mario Albertelli Music: Armando Fragna…

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Italian leading men

Gina Lollobrigida, Sophia Loren, Anna Magnani… there are plenty of Italian actresses who made it big on an international stage, and if you extend it out to include people from outside Europe who were closely…