Umberto Lenzi

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Sandokan the Great

Umberto Lenzi’s Sandokan the Great wasn’t the first film adaptation of his work – these had gone back to the silent era – but it’s one of the best, a hugely enjoyable romp starring Steve Reeves

Alberto Lupo in 008 Operation Exterminate

008 Operation Exterminate – Review

008 Operation Exterminate was the first in a series of four spy films Umberto Lenzi made for producer Fortunato Misiano. It’s got several positive points, but it’s let down by the ridiculous screenplay and some occasionally lackadaisical filmmaking.

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Umberto Lenzi’s Delitti a Cinecittà

Umberto Lenzi has released a new novel called Delitti a Cinecittà, a murder mystery set in Cinecitta in the 1940s. The basic plot goes something like this: while shooting a new film for director Alessandro…