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To Die in San Hilario

January 5, 2008 Matt Blake 2

To Die in San Hilario (aka Morir en San Hilario) is a likable, entertaining 2005 film from Castaleo, the same Barcelona production house that made […]

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Cine 70 Issue #10

January 3, 2008 Matt Blake 1

Excellent news… it looks like Cine 70 Issue #10 has been released. Cine 70 is, along with Nocturno, the frontline Italian Language genre magazine, and […]

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December 29, 2007 Matt Blake 2

Over the past ten years Jaume Balagueró has established himself at the vanguard of the new Spanish horror movement, and his 2005 production Fragile continues […]

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The Family Friend

December 28, 2007 Matt Blake 0

For me, Paolo Sorrentino stands as probably the best director working in Italy at the moment, and his 2004 film The Consequences of Love is […]