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Siberian Education

August 21, 2014 Matt Blake 0

Coming from Oscar winning director Gabriele Salvatores and with a script by Stefano Rulli and Sandro Petraglia (who were behind Romanzo criminale and My Brother is an Only Child among others), Siberian Education is something of a disappointment.

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Adam Chaplin

July 11, 2014 Matt Blake 0

Adam Chaplin, a sci fi / horror movie made in Italy in 2011, tries so hard to be extreme, to be different that it ends up being tedious.

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Gianni Medici

June 3, 2013 Matt Blake 2

Gianni Medici was one of the numerous Italian actors who had a brief flirtation with stardom during the late 1960s and early 1970s without ever really hitting the big time.

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Jerry Ross, aka Gerardo Rossi

May 14, 2013 Matt Blake 1

Jerry Ross, aka Gerardo Rossi, was another Italian actor who was more famous for his career in fotoromanzi than cinema. He appeared in just six films between 1967 and 1973…

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Pier Paolo Capponi

March 25, 2013 Matt Blake 3

Considering that he was in some of the most important genre films of the 1970s, amazingly little is known about the actor Pier Paolo Capponi. He appeared or starred in numerous giallos and poliziotteschi, usually playing committed cops or rather dour and humourless characters…