Franco Citti in Oedipus Rex

Franco Citti interview

February 12, 2015 Matt Blake 0

Here’s an interview with Italian actor Franco Citti – who is famous for his work with Pasolini but also appeared in numerous other films – that I found on the web and have translated into English

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Desperate Mission

February 5, 2015 Matt Blake 0

After a rather dull first hour, Desperate Mission evolves into something much grittier than is normally to be found within the genre.

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I ragazzi della Roma violenta

September 8, 2014 Matt Blake 0

I ragazzi della Roma violenta is about 85 minutes of unhesitatingly sordid events running into one another, none of which have any consequence, repercussions or prelude.

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Between God, the Devil and a Winchester

September 1, 2014 Matt Blake 0

Between God, the Devil and a Winchester not only has a fantastic title, but is also a pretty solid film. It does borrow heavily from it’s peers, admittedly, but is assembled in a capable and functional fashion

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Siberian Education

August 21, 2014 Matt Blake 0

Coming from Oscar winning director Gabriele Salvatores and with a script by Stefano Rulli and Sandro Petraglia (who were behind Romanzo criminale and My Brother is an Only Child among others), Siberian Education is something of a disappointment.

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Adam Chaplin

July 11, 2014 Matt Blake 0

Adam Chaplin, a sci fi / horror movie made in Italy in 2011, tries so hard to be extreme, to be different that it ends up being tedious.