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April 21, 2017 Matt Blake 0

IL DISCO VOLANTE Cast: Alberto Sordi (Vincenzo Berruti / Marsicano / Don Giuseppe / Conte Momi Crosara), Monica Vitti (Dolores), Eleonora Rossi Drago (Clelia), Silvana […]

Paolo Gozlino lets his gun talk in Siete minutos para morire

Siete minutos para morir

March 7, 2017 Matt Blake 0

Secret Agent Ray Monks is murdered whist recovering some top-secret documents from a shadowy individual in the backstreets of Hong Kong. Bill Howard (Paolo Gozlino) is ordered to find out who is responsible, and to make sure the documents are returned to the American authorities.

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High Risk

February 17, 2014 Matt Blake 1

In the early nineties, some experienced Italian directors were obliged to scout for work in the emerging film industries that were being established in former Soviet countries

Giorgio Ardisson, the Italian James Bond

Giorgio Ardisson: The Italian James Bond

January 2, 2014 Matt Blake 18

I’m very pleased to announce the publication – at last! – of the second WildEye book. Giorgio Ardisson: The Italian James Bond, an in-depth look at the career and films of Italian actor Giorgio Ardisson