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Who was… Frank Colson

April 20, 2012 Matt Blake 3

Here’s another in our list of American actors who ended up making films in Italy. Now, I’m guessing you’ve never heard of Frank Colson?

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Who was… Roland Carey

April 13, 2012 Matt Blake 11

I’ve seen a couple of films recently featuring actor Roland Carey, a curious figure who was active in the Italian film industry for over twenty years, and though it was about time to do a little extended research into him.

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Peter Dane

March 30, 2012 Matt Blake 6

I’ve noticed the name Peter Dane crop up in a couple of Italian films that I’ve watched now, so it seems like a good opportunity to revive my ‘Americans in Cinecitta’ posts.

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Interview with Carole André

October 17, 2011 Matt Blake 0

Here’s an italian language piece on the actress Carole Andre that appeared in La Stampa on the 16th October, primarily about her role in Sergio Sollima’s Sandokan