Teresa Gimpera as the atypically blonde vampiress in Crypt of the Living Dead

Crypt of the Living Dead

Crypt of the Living Dead is, like Return of the Evil Dead, another dose of Hispanic phantasmagoria. Unlike that film, however, I found it much more enjoyable upon second viewing.

There's a lot of this... in The Wall

The Wall

The Wall, the 2012 science fiction film directed by Julian Pölsler, is a film that’s both intriguing and exasperating in equal measure.

Aneurin Barnard gets the night bus blues in Citadel


Another in the ‘tower block terror’ sub-strand of films (see also Tower Block, The Raid, Attack on the Block), an off-shoot of the ‘hoodie horror’ movies which seem primarily composed to work up writers for The Guardian into a state of apoplexy.

Things are getting odd... in Elio Petri's I maestro di Vigevano

Elio Petri: The Teacher of Vigevano

Petri’s next film was The Teacher of Vigevano (Il maestro di Vigevano,63), another intimate, black and white chamber-piece, which plays rather like a retread – albeit an even more pessimistic retread – of I giorni contato.

Andrew Squires walks his manor in Heretic


Heretic is the latest priest-sploitation film to cross my path, a no-budget 2012 release which generated a number of plaudits among genre aficionados when it played on the festival circuit and was released on DVD.

Alice Englert begins to feel In Fear

In Fear

It’s one of the oldest ideas for a horror film there is: getting a couple of characters who have a less than perfect relationship, shutting them in a car in the middle of nowhere and then pitting them against a psychotic killer.