Nicoletta Machiavelli and Henry Silva in The Hills Run Red

The Hills Run Red

The Hills Run Red is a rather mediocre production, which is especially disappointing considering that it comes from such an estimable team. Ennio Morricone, who contributes a good soundtrack (with the exception of a truly execrable saloon bar song), needs no introduction and talented filmmaker Carlo Lizzani was already a respected name in the industry

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Spooky kid attack: The Shadow Within

The Shadow Within

The Shadow Within is a creditable Italian horror film made in 2007 which benefits greatly from its unusual setting and desire to try something a little different.

Another doomed vicar... it's Shame the Devil

Shame the Devil

Shame the Devil is another release from the one man film production line that is Simon Phillips. For those of you unfamiliar with Mr. Phillips – and I find it hard to believe that there are some of you out there – he is a producer and writer who churns out roughly four or five low budget movies a year

Martina García in The Hidden Face

The Hidden Face

The Hidden Face is another great Spanish (or Spanish / Columbian, to be exact) film. As with Sleep Tight and The Body, to name but two other examples, it has at its heart a twisted, intriguing idea which is expanded into an engrossing script

Reg Park and Elio Jotta in Maciste in King Solomon's Mines

Maciste in King Solomon’s Mines

This is a rather cheap (and rather late) entry into the Maciste cycle of films which was directed by prolific scriptwriter Piero Regnoli and it can’t really be described as an entirely distinguished piece of cinema.

Daniel Brühl as the ambiguous protagonist in Cargo


Peter Mullen is, without a smidgen of doubt, one of the best actors working in Britain at the moment. You might not know then name, but you know who he is: think scary, think Scottish, think Mullan.