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Red Road

March 31, 2008 Matt Blake 0

Red Road is a much heralded 2006 British thriller – or thriller of a kind – directed by Andrea Arnold, who won an Oscar for […]

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The River King

March 10, 2008 Matt Blake 0

The River King is a very different type of contemporary thriller to Killing Me Softly; clever, subdued, atmospheric and very, very cinematic. Also, strangely, it […]

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Killing Me Softly

March 10, 2008 Matt Blake 1

Killing Me Softly is a cheesy British thriller based on a second rate novel by second rate author Nicci French. Not that I’m necessarily against […]

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Sugar Colt

February 18, 2008 Matt Blake 0

There were an awful lot of correlations between the Spaghetti Western and the Spy Genre: They both came about at roughly the same time (the […]

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Mission Bloody Mary

February 18, 2008 Matt Blake 1

Mission Bloody Mary marked the first appearence of Ken Clark as Dick Malloy, aka Agent 077, one of the key eurospy characters to follow in […]

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Night of the Sunfolowers

February 11, 2008 Matt Blake 0

Night of the Sunflowers is an excellent Spanish thriller directed with some class by the debuatant Jorge Sánchez-Cabezudo, who made some acclaimed shorts back in […]

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Il Bidone

February 8, 2008 Matt Blake 0

Il bidone was Federico Fellini’s direct follow up to La strada, and forms a neat quartet with I vitelloni (53) and Le notti de Cabiria […]