Antonio Sabato in New Mafia Boss

New Mafia Boss

Telly Savalas in a Eurocrime film… what’s not to like! Crime Boss, directed by B-Movie specialist Alberto De Martino, was released a month before The Godfather came out in Italy

Amasi Damiani's Blood Story

Blood Story, by Amasi Damiani

This obscure movie from cult director Amasi Damiani was one of a bunch of Italian crime films made during the late 60s / early 70s and set in prohibition era America.

Alberto Lupo in 008 Operation Exterminate

008 Operation Exterminate – Review

008 Operation Exterminate was the first in a series of four spy films Umberto Lenzi made for producer Fortunato Misiano. It’s got several positive points, but it’s let down by the ridiculous screenplay and some occasionally lackadaisical filmmaking.

Vampire's Night Orgy

Vampire’s Night Orgy – Review

Vampire’s Night Orgy is one of those films that starts – like The Island of Death and A Candle for the Devil – with a busload of strangers arriving in the depths of the countryside.