Your Sweet Body to Kill

Giorgio Ardisson contemplates the fate of his fish in il Tuo Dolce Corpo Da Uccidere
Giorgio Ardisson contemplates the fate of his fish in il Tuo Dolce Corpo Da Uccidere

Georgio Ardisson, Eduardo Fajardo, Francoise Prevost, Dina deSantis,
Director: Alfonso Brescia

This has to be one of the funniest “Black Comedies” ever. It starts out with Giorgio Ardisson trapped in an unhappy marriage to a controlling woman who makes fun of him and continually insults his “fish collecting” hobby. Giorgio just takes it all until the wife tosses out all of his fish. Giorgio also finds out she is having an affair with their Doctor. Now pushed over his limit, Giorgio contrives a plan to have the Doctor kill and cut up the wife and stuff her remains into to two large suitcases. (It seems that the Doctor is wanted for war crimes and has to do what Giorgio orders).

il Tuo Dolce Corpo Da Uccidere
il Tuo Dolce Corpo Da Uccidere

Giorgio Ardisson is a Diplomat and can travel on Embassy business without having his luggage searched. So off he goes to Tunisia to dispose of his wife’s remains. He disposes of one suitcase but discovers that the second one is not actually his. He surmises that three other passengers had identical suitcases and one must have the one with the body parts. He seduces the first lady and promptly dumps her, even though she offers to pay him for sex, after he is in her bedroom and sees that the suitcases she has are not his. He checks a second passenger and is chased by police. The third girl has his gruesome suitcase and the two fall in love before it is opened. (It seems that everyone travelling to Tunisia has the same type of large black suitcase).

Poor Giorgio manages to kill the policeman who was tailing him and is taken away to prison but not before learning that his wife is actually alive and is still sleeping with the Doctor. With Giorgio out of the way the wife and the doctor leave. The wife now starts to boss the Doctor around just like she did with Giorgio. The movie ends with the Doctor casually glancing over at a shop that has 2 large black suitcases for sale. THE END appears as we see the suitcases. I guess the Doctor couldn’t stand her chatter for even one day.

When I met Ardisson in 1983 I asked him why he made so many movies similar to this one that were in direct contrast to his 3S3, tough as nails, Italian James Bond image from just a few years before. His answer, act the parts they pay me to play. Unfortunately Giorgio Ardisson died just last December.

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