George Hilton strikes a familiar pose in George Hilton

Last of the Badmen

July 13, 2017 Matt Blake 1

Last of the Badmen is a bit of a favourite of mine, and shows George Hilton at his best with a performance that seems to encapsulate the intriguing divisions within his acting persona.

Giorgio Ardisson contemplates the fate of his fish in il Tuo Dolce Corpo Da Uccidere

Your Sweet Body to Kill

August 6, 2015 Matt Blake 0

This has to be one of the funniest “Black Comedies” ever. It starts out with Georgio Ardisson trapped in an unhappy marriage to a controlling woman who makes fun of him and continually insults his “fish collecting” hobby.

No Picture

Trasplante de un cerebro

February 17, 2009 Matt Blake 2

This very obscure science fiction / horror crossover merges the then-popular surgical horror subgenre with a more traditional Dr Jeckyll type scenario, and even manages to throw in elements of a more traditional crime film and even a few ideas pinched from the Italian giallos.