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Franco Citti interview

Here’s an interview with Italian actor Franco Citti – who is famous for his work with Pasolini but also appeared in numerous other films – that I found on the web and have translated into English Continue reading

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Teorema (Theorem)

Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Teorema (Theorem), a contemporary review from the Monthly Film Bulletin Continue reading

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Una vita violenta

Just watched this curious 1962 film, directed by Brunello Rondi and Paolo Heusch Continue reading

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Giovani mariti

Released in March 1958, Giovani Mariti was an early work from director Mauro Bolognini that continued much along the same lines as his earlier production Gli innamorati (55), a light drama about the lives and loves of several young adults in Rome. This is a more serious film, though, with a distinctly melancholic air and a skeptical view of the status quo, which sees the characters gradual progression into adulthood as a not entirely positive thing. Continue reading

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Gobbo, Il

Despite its wartime setting, Il gobbo deserves consideration in any study of Italian crime cinema. Not only was it directed by Carlo Lizzani, who would go on to become one of the leading lights of the genre as the 1960s progressed, but also – with its outlaw protagonist, breakneck pacing and realistic backdrop – it exerted a huge influence on numerous films to follow. Continue reading

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