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    1. Thanks Rich, how’s it going with The International Spy Film Guide – looks a million dollars!

  1. thanks matt for letting me know of your new book .iv’e enjoyed hugely all your books so far.They’ve opened my eye’s to populist Italian cinema of the past.Hate to say it but you do know there is a spelling mistake on the spine of the Giorgio ardisson tome,probably beyond your control by the time it was printed. Nitpicking really as it was such an interesting read .very much looking forward to reading your new one.

    1. Oh yes, I know all about that one! That’s the trouble with print, there are always some glitches in there…darn it!

  2. Hi Matt.

    Just read your articles on the Wildeye shop as above.
    I also read that you had interviewed Gloria Paul.
    Great interview. Do you plan to visit her again?


  3. I am very happy to have contact with you!!!I like very much italian film : the political ones and also comic films ,mainly with Toto.They are not very easy to find them here in São Paulo.Byebye.

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