Fury of the Pagans – Archive Review

Fury of the Pagans, aka La furia dei barbari
Fury of the Pagans, aka La furia dei barbari

Here’s a review of Guido Malatesta’s Fury of the Pagans, translated from an old copy of La Stampa newspaper.

This film describes the bloody conflict that throws, one against the other, a rogue assassin named Covo and the handsome Torok, who is out for revenge and justice.  It’s a bloody assault, with charges of horsemen and villages in flames projected onto an improbable historical background in which the Longobards are used in the same way that the Sioux in American westerns.

Directed by Guido Malatesta, the film belongs to a type of which it would be absurd to expect too much, apart from some kind of demonstration of intelligence.

[Note: I haven’t seen this one so can’t comment, but I believe it’s not supposed to be one of the better examples of its type]

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