Dracula terrore d’oltre tomba

Grifo International Films (Rome)
Documents dates 24 March, 1973
Director: Luigi Batzella (Paolo Solvay)
Assistant director: Teobaldo Campanelli
Production director: Giulio Negri
Production inspector: Roberto Carnicci
Cast: Dino Strano (the commissioner), Rosalba Neri (Sara), Gianni Pesola (Steven), Katia Cardinali (Miriam), Ralph Zucker (Simone), Lorenzo Piani (newspaper editor), Alessandro Perrella (police sergeant), Esmerelda Barros (Von Berger), Gino Turini (Dracula)

Another film that was never made (or never released, at any rate).  Announced by production company Grifo International Films, who also made the extremely poor His Colt, Himself, His Revenge (Allegri becchini… arriva Trinità, 72), Dracula terrore d’oltre tomba was to be the next film made by Paolo Solvay after The Devil’s Wedding Night (Il plenilunio delle vergini, 73).  The cast was made up of the usual mish-mash of performers who appeared in this kind of thing: Neri, Strano, Turini, Piani and Perrella all appeared in one or both of the aforementioned films. It’s interesting to note the presence of Giulio Giuseppe Negri (aka Jerry Mason) as production director; Negri was another of the bottom feeders in the Italian film industry at the time whose career is probably under-represented in official sources…

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