La lama nel corpo, aka The Murder Clinic

Confused but quite entertaining pot pourri of screaming maidens, nocturnal corridors and hooded razor-slashers, rather reminiscent of the Hitchcockian adventures of Dr. Hichcock.  ‘Micheal Hamilton’ is no ‘Robert Hampton’, of course, and the Freda touch is signally lacking in the cramped compositions and very variable colour effects.

But Scardamaglia has the right idea in his alterations between claustrophobic interiors, verdant exteriors, and bings off at least one nice visual coup with a flashback from the bloodshot present into a dreamy, sunstruck past.  Barbara Steele is sadly missed, especially as Francoise Prevost is given disappointingly little to do, but the girls scream with spirit and the performances are as petent as the dubbing and confused plot (which contrives to make a hero out of the – to say the least – unethical doctor) will allow.

Rating: 1 (Good of its type)

Monthly Film Bulletin, May 1969

Here’s the trailer:

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