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Alex Nicol

April 8, 2010 Matt Blake 0

Alex Nicol was born in 1916 in New York. A prolific stage actor of the 1930s, where he was part of Maurice Evans’s Shakesperean company, […]

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Jim Granite

April 1, 2010 Matt Blake 0

Here’s an obscure performer who, I’d guess, must be an American: the marvellously named Jim Granite!

Who was he? Well, as far as I can tell he only appeared in one film, Carlo Lizzani’s Il gobbo (1960). He plays a young American soldier who comes to the assistance of Anna Maria Ferrero, only to be chased off by Pier Paolo Pasolini (who plays an angry, one armed, ex-partisan). He has a total of about two minutes of screentime, but it’s not an unimportant role and he has a good few lines of dialogue (spoken in English).

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Jeff Blynn today…

August 25, 2009 Matt Blake 0

Hey, looks like Jeff Blynn didn’t simply disappear after making a bunch of cop films in the seventies and eighties: he opened his own restaurant, […]

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Hazel Rogers

August 6, 2009 Matt Blake 1

Here’s a name that was unfamiliar to me until watching the 1959 Alberto Sordi vehicle, Il moralista, directed by Giorgio Bianchi.  Hazel Rogers has a […]

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Jim Gaines

January 5, 2009 Matt Blake 0

Jim Gaines is an African-American actor, born in Hawaii in 1955, who came to prominence in a series of Filipino action films