Jim Granite

Jim Granite in Il gobbo
Jim Granite in Il gobbo

Here’s an obscure performer who, I’d guess, must be an American: the marvellously named Jim Granite!

Who was he?  Well, as far as I can tell he only appeared in one film, Carlo Lizzani’s Il gobbo (1960).  He plays a young American soldier who comes to the assistance of Anna Maria Ferrero, only to be chased off by Pier Paolo Pasolini (who plays an angry, one armed, ex-partisan).  He has a total of about two minutes of screentime, but it’s not an unimportant role and he has a good few lines of dialogue (spoken in English).

The only other information I’ve been able to uncover is this, taken from the May 25th, 1958 issue of The Milwaukee Journal: “Rock Hudson hit it big, so a new young television thespian thinks he’s got it made too – because his name is Jim Granite.”  So he obviously was a wannabe actor rather than someone who just happpened to be in the right time, right place to fill the role.  I have no information about any TV roles that he might have done, though.

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